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Everything You Need to Know about Florida DUI Law

If you or a loved one have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) in the state of Florida, never assume that you don't have options. Don't plead guilty without legal advice and representation from a Florida DUI lawyer.  Understand that charges connected with drunk driving are serious criminal allegations that carry harsh Florida DUI penalties, fines, and other consequences that can negatively impact your life for many years. Musca Law is a Florida DUI law firm where our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience successfully fighting DUI charges against our clients.

Driving Under The Influence  Law Firm in FL offers a free initial consult with a Florida DUI lawyer. Call Today to speak with an experienced Florida DUI attorney.

When It Comes to DUI/DWI, Expertise Counts

You may think one lawyer is as good as another when it comes to Florida DUI defense, but there are good reasons to seek out a Florida drunk driving attorney. Attorneys who focus their practice exclusively on Florida DUI law cases are well informed about new developments, novel legal issues, and defenses that are embodied in Florida's criminal statutes and case law relevant to DUI. An experienced Florida DUI defense attorney will employ one of the best DUI defense strategies: submit pretrial motions to the judge that ask for key pieces of evidence against you to be excluded and for the court to dismiss the charges. If the judge rules to exclude certain pieces of evidence against you, the prosecutor is likely to reduce your charges to reckless driving or some other less serious offense. If your case does go to trial, any prejudicial evidence that is suppressed may significantly increase your chances of being found "not guilty." These are the kinds of strategies that an experienced Florida drunk driving lawyer with the firm of Musca Law will use to your advantage.

The Consequences of a Florida DUI Conviction

Take some time to learn about the consequences of a DUI in Florida by browsing our website. Here you can also learn about the various ways you can beat a Florida DUI charge. Even if you were arrested, subject to a chemical test and/or performed a field sobriety test, this does not mean that the prosecutor will be able to obtain a conviction.

The penalties and costs associated with a Florida DWI or DUI conviction can be life altering, not to mention costly. Florida DUI laws allow for penalties including the possibility of jail time, hefty fines, court costs, community service hours, lengthy probation, DUI school, substance abuse evaluations with follow-up counseling sessions, vehicle impoundment, and installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. A Florida DUI or DWI conviction also can affect your career as well as future educational and employment opportunities.

Those individuals who require special state or federal certification including airline pilots, commercial (CDL) truck drivers, counselors, doctors, lawyers, members of law enforcement, military personnel, nurses, and school teachers can have their career status jeopardized.

At Musca Law, we take the potential consequences of a DWI/DUI Florida conviction very seriously. When you retain the services of one of our Florida DWI attorneys, you can rest assured that we will take into consideration your circumstances and mount a vigorous defense according to the facts of your case and how Florida DWI laws may apply.

Protecting Your Driver's License

When you are arrested for DUI in Florida, two cases will be filed against you. The first case against you will be an administrative hearing that deals with your driver's license. The second case is the criminal case that will determine your punishment and sentence should you be found guilty. For a drunk driving attorney Florida residents can count on to protect both their driving privileges and their legal rights, call Musca Law today.

According to the state's DUI laws, Florida residents have 10 days to request a formal review hearing to contest the administrative suspension of your driver's license. A Florida DUI attorney at Musca Law can represent you in the formal review hearing to help you obtain a temporary driving permit pending the outcome of your criminal case.

This formal review hearing is an important stage in your case because your attorney has the right to cross-examine key prosecution witnesses such as the arresting police officer, the breath test machine technician, and anyone involved with the calibration and testing of the breath test machine. Another advantage of having a Florida DUI defense attorney represent you at your formal review hearing is that your lawyer may subpoena legal documents that will be used in your pending criminal trial.

Florida Criminal DUI Process Explained

When you retain a Florida DUI defense lawyer with Musca Law, your legal counsel may be able save you the emotional stress and inconvenience of having to appear in many of the pretrial court hearings. It is important that you are advised of your legal rights and the criminal process according to Florida DUI laws.

Please take a minute to browse Musca Law's website for a comprehensive legal resource to help you better educate yourself about the DUI penalties that Florida residents potentially face. These resources will help to prepare you for the difficult legal decisions you will need to make concerning your case.

Our site contains helpful information including:

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  10. Chemical Test Refusals
Alternatively, you may call Musca Law's 24/7 toll-free helpline at 1 800-687-2252 to speak with a Florida DUI / DWI attorney in your area to discuss the facts of your case and help you locate an office in your area. Understanding and evaluating your legal options is essential to protecting your legal rights at both your DUI administrative hearing and criminal proceeding.

Call 1 800-687-2252 to speak with a Florida DUI attorney at Musca Law firm today

Facing DWI charges? For the most favorable outcome in your case, hire a drunk driving lawyer that Florida residents rely on to defend them aggressively. Call Musca Law at our toll-free, Florida DUI Advice Helpline at 1 800-687-2252 to find a Florida DUI law firm near you (by appointment only).

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